Concert Cocoanut Groove (Baroque Pop/Folk - Sweden) à Lille le 24 juin 2017

24 samedi juin 2017


Le caf&diskaire Le caf&diskaire

Plus d'infos sur le concert Cocoanut Groove (Baroque Pop/Folk - Sweden) à Lille

Cocoanut Groove is the musical project Olov Antonsson from Sweden. He follows in a grand tradition of Swedish indiepop, with a focus on melody and beauty, tinged with melancholy. From the long, dark winters to the respite of the dreamy summers, the songs talk of escaping the city, pining for the countryside, drinking coffee and watching birds fly.

Cocoanut Grooves debut album "Madeleine Street" was released in 2008 and followed in 2014 with "How to build a maze", released on the UK-based Fortuna Pop label. In 2016, Olov released an acclaimed album in Swedish ("Nere och ute i AC län") under his own name.

Olov Antonsson wears his 60s pop influences on his sleeve, along with traces of latter day pop like Belle & Sebastian and The Clientele.

The show at Le Caf&Diskaire will be a rare acoustic solo show, Cocoanut Groove's first live appearance since 2014.

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