Concert Gabriel Naïm Amor (Folk/Tucson) à Lille le 7 mai 2018

7 lundi mai 2018


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Plus d'infos sur le concert Gabriel Naïm Amor (Folk/Tucson) à Lille

Naïm Amor. is a French born, Parisian musician who moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1997 where he lives with his family.

Then, as part of the "experimental avant pop" Amor Belhom Duo with drummer Thomas Belhom, he met and recorded with Joey Burns and John Convertino of the band Calexico.

In 2005 he finished his first record 'Sanguine', an album produced by Joey Burns of Calexico. His next album "Dansons" was released in May 2012 on British indi-label Vacilando '68 and Sweet Dreams Press in Japan.

Beyond recording albums and performing, Naïm also developed "side projects" that resulted in four albums of instrumental music entitled 'Soundtracks'. The first one came out in 2000, a Volume II was released in 2004, a Volume III came out in 2009 and the Volume IV in 2011.

During 2013 Naïm was ready to record a new album and went into the studio to create this current music project, which is a combination of electric guitar, string ensemble and vocals, entitled 'HEAR THE WALLS', released in the winter of 2014.

His thoughts behind the album name were this:

"When you turn the music off, you can hear the walls, the sound of one specific place, it's nude ambiance that makes it so unique. This album fits the moment and the place when you decide to finally turn the music on again and.....listen."

Naïm's latest album was released on November 7, 2016 on label LM Duplication. It is a collaboration with longtime friend drummer John Convertino (Calexico) entitled "Western Suite and Siesta Songs". The album has compositions of both John and Naïm and they play both on all the tracks.

Naïm also composes film/short film soundtracks between recording his albums. He completed the score for the PBS documentary film "Precious Knowledge - which has won two awards at the San Diego and Los Angeles Latino Film Festival. The film was screened in various festivals including the New York HBO Latino Film Festival, And aired nationwide on PBS in May 2012.

PITCHORK: "On the understated "Precious Second", Calexico's brushed snare and roomy bass create a sparse desert backdrop for Amor's hushed vocals and guitar pirouettes, so that the song floats pensively in the dry Franco-Arizonan air."

LA WEEKLY: "Amor can win or break a heart with his Parisian soul music. That's what makes him a great artist."

CATFISH VEGAS: " Singing in French, and sometimes English, Amor has a troubadour style that definitely recalls the type of classic French pop that Wes Anderson finds captivating. But don't think Amor's 11 years in the desert don't also show up in the songs. There's also this atmospheric spaciousness that isn't quite desert rock, but neither does it sound like Amor is singing from the nightlife of Paris."

PHOENIX NEW TIMES: "Parisian transplant Naim Amor is a man of many flavors. While his own melancholy music is filled with dreamy, soft instrumentation and his smoky-voiced accent, he considers everyone from the Sex Pistols to Rachmaninoff to be influences. Calexico's Joey Burns plays acoustic guitar on Amor's latest album, Exsanguine, home to the wistful, woozy shuffle of intimate songs like "Le Wepler" and "Son Petit Sourire,"

Naïm Amor recorded "Sanguine" an album produced by Joey Burns of Calexico and featuring John Convertino on drums and Burns on bass. A European release through Le Pop Musik is scheduled for spring 2009.

In 2008, Naïm opened for Tift Merritt in the US and his album "Sanguine" is now regularly featured on KCRW, with Chris Douridas inviting Naïm to perform live on his show in September 08.

Album "Exsanguine"

Naïm also has enlisted the producing skills of John Parish for his first album, "Mistake Love" (2004).

Naïm Amor's previous incarnation, Amor Belhom Duo, saw him release two albums on Carrot Top Records after the band was caught performing at SXSW, and collaborate with Calexico (album "ABBC/Tête à Tête", released on Wabana Rec and Vicious Circle in Europe).

Naïm has also been recording an ongoing series of instrumental albums: "Soundtracks: Volume One" (FilmGuerrero, 2002) and "Soundtracks: Volume Two" (Howe Gelb's OWOM Records, 2004). Naïm has recorded with Devotchka (guest singer on album "How It Ends"), Marie Frank, Howe Gelb, Calexico, Pieta Brown, Neko Case, John Convertino... and composed for Marianne Dissard (album "L'Entredeux", produced by Joey Burns) and Françoiz Breut.

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