Concert Stems (acoustic-post-rock/uk) à Lille le 28 août 2017

28 lundi août 2017


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Plus d'infos sur le concert Stems (acoustic-post-rock/uk) à Lille

Les copains de STEMS nous font le plaisir de venir nous voir au caf&... le lundi 28/08!!!

Si tu les as raté au Biplan couleur caf& #5 début mai, petite scéance de rattrapage rien que pour toi!!!


Stems formed in 2011 with the idea of seeking a new relationship between experimental guitar and classical instruments, to create music with the energy of rock music but with elongated and intense structures of Western and Indian classical music.

At the bands core is John Dorr (Guitar, Arrangements), Christine Avis (Cello) Asher Leverton (Percussion).

Since 2013 they have toured Europe several times and have developed a reputation for intense and beautiful concerts.

The name Stems is derived from the idea of roots diverging to produce unique strands, all of which are bound to a central body.

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