Concert VCPS à Lille le 30 juin 2017

30 vendredi juin 2017


La Rumeur Lille La Rumeur Lille

5.00 €

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From the slag heaps of Falun hails this four-piece rock band that later started to like abbreviations without further meaning. Starting as teenagers, VCPS (previously known as Vietcong Pornsurfers) learned to play their instruments together, diggin' the attitude of Turbonegro but also the class of The Hives. Dangerous Scandinavian Punk Rock has been a genre label, even though the sound of their albums and releases may have varied as much as their ability to even play the guitar.

Now, based in Stockholm, VCPS is taking new inspiration from the 60's garage sound, yet delivered in a package wrapped up in dirty 90's scandirock frill paper. The singles of 2017 was recorded in their own twelve square meters, produced and tracked by the band itself.

Except a lot of shows in Sweden and Scandinavia, VCPS have been wasting their health traveling the roads throughout all of Europe several times. To see the band live has been described as a dirty boot in the groin, painful but still pleasurable. No silly stuff or jacked up expectations, VCPS knows how to take the stage and deliver rock tunes in tight punk style.

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